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COMPANY Introduction

Company Introduction

 Shanghai Estrongchem Co. Ltd, through 20 years of experience has achieved to become the leading supplier for the rubber industry in China and counts more than 3000 high end customers, 100 employees, located in 10 branches for a yearly turnover of 2 billion CNY. Already 30 companies worldwide have entrusted us with the distribution of their products in China.

We focus on the marketing of functional materials and equipment, especially in rubber, elastomer, coating and ink industries. Our partnership with renowned global suppliers allows us to always offer our customers the latest developing trends or products of the industry.

With our experience in the field and in partnership with the Watson Rubber Laboratory, Estrongchem has built a team of specialists at your service, to cover different market segments like tires, rubber hoses, damping products, wires and cables, weather strips, sealing products, conveyor belts, transmission belts, elastomer, etc. and to provide a one-stop solution for all your needs (from raw materials, formula, technology to equipment and so on). 

Rooted in China, Estrongchem has a sales network covering China and Asia Pacific region. We have built offices and warehouses in ShanghaiXi’anXingtaiQingdaoXiamenShenyangChongqingTianjin Guangzhou, ensuring efficient service through systematic management.

Estrongchem,Solution provider of functional materials.

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